Worldwide first-of-its-kind health breakthrough with Redox Signaling Molecules like in your cells



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How to drink
In order that the cells can take the redox signaling molecules in the best way please take care for:

  1. Recommended quantity: 120 ml/day
  2. For best practise drink 2x 60ml
  3. Drink it pure
  4. Don't eat or drink 10 min. before and after
  5. Take care for a clean cup
  6. Close the bottle after use
  7. Drink also a lot of water to assist the body cleaning process

The ASEA Redox Supplement consists of billions of perfectly stabilized redox signaling molecules, the exact kind your body is producing.

  1. Notoxic and safe
  2. Neutral pH-value (7,35)
  3. No chlorine added
  4. Free of preservatives
  5. certified by an internationally recognized third party laboratory


Not just natural but native to the body

The ASEA Redox Supplement consists of:

  1. NaCI = salt of pharmaceutical quality
  2. Ultraclean water
  3. A portion of ASEA (60 ml) contains about 0,162 mg Natrium
Drinking ASEA Redox Supplement every day enhances the ability of every cell in your body to function at a higher level, positively affecting the health of every system of the body.


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